Não é tristeza. É apenas aquela estranha sensação, de não sentir mais nada. 

Nível de amor entre irmãos: Ele foi adotado

As you can see this shit ta in English,
well just put anyone to read,
But since you were inxirido and decided to use the translator,
Do what you know then, you're reading a lot of shit,
and I'm sure will continue reading until the end.
Nothing more than not, since you're here and reading this, congratulations,
I am grateful for enduring to the end to read, and I only half xapado,
nothing more than not, I think they will like min, if not also like
I want to fuck it, do not need like min.
Wow, I got right peopl .... psych people.
And finally, a quote from Bob Marley, it is one of the phrases
I love the most.
"I wanted to be a joint
To be born in your fingers, to die on your lips,
And make your head! "
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